SommMe Wine Pairing Chat Interaction Design

SommMe Mobile App
Lead Designer
Managing Director, Customer Experience, Product Development
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The Overview

SommMe was born out of the vision for the EveryBell hospitality business to grow to have a broader Food & Beverage brand while increasing influence and diversifying the business offering.

The strategy for this project was to build a chatbot interaction that could support food and wine pairing recommendations. SommMe was intended to be a tool to build industry reputation without the burden of services fulfillment - allowing for scale and acting as a POC for validating this brand endeavour with existing clients. While the application brand identity was disconnected from EveryBell, it was leveraged in conjunction with our services offering as a free product resource that showed existing customers that we were invested in their overall experience. The intention was, if this POC was validated, we would use the model to launch to the broader market and scale internationally as an independent brand.

I worked with UI designers, consulted with Front-End Engineers, and leveraged research resources that we had across teams. I was the Lead Designer for this project, however, and I was responsible to drive the research, strategy, brand design of this concept. See below for some of the key deliverables on this project.

Building a DTC POC that would deliver food and wine pairing recommendations via mobile chat interaction and engage existing customers to gain knowledge and more reliance on the parent brand.

The Process

The Conclusion

When we acquired new customer units, we coupled the SommMe concept with the EveryBell experience. Initially showing that we were invested and capable in the F&B space, we were able to do additional research through using the prototype and iterating on the design solution. We saw our customer satisfaction and success ratings go up with this beta. Ultimately, we weren’t able to invest in the full scale capability of the chatbot due to engineering resources, but it did give our customers a sense of validation in the EveryBell business and we achieved what we were looking for in that time. Click here to see some of the chat interactions that were prototyped and tested with our users.